Two senses and a hint ..

This installation simply provides a stage. A stage with two media, the light and the sound, plus - a photographic triptych - a reminescence of an act of looking at a stranger. It frames a moment, that is not so much different form the actual moment of the viewer looking at it.

A public space, an exhibition opening, some people chatting nearby.
There is a place for you to stand.
There is a spotlight aimed - so you can see.
There is a microphone aimed - so you can hear.

It is a room for an aimless exploration of a shared space and shared being, for being aimed at the nature of aiming itself. This stage happens to be constructed, although it might not be necessary. Nevertheless, it is built to propose a question of how much mediation is actually needed to meditate. Janco-(Untitled_01).jpg Janco-(Untitled_02).jpg Janco-(Untitled_04).jpg Janco-(Untitled_05).jpg Janco-(Untitled_06).jpg Janco-(Untitled_07).jpg